Different Shades of Life

I have a disclaimer for you: This article isn’t a structured or planned one. So, all in all it’s going to be an impromptu rant. If you have come here with the hopes that this is going to be a productive article, it’s a big “hell NO.”

Believe me there’s a reason why I chose to write this way.

When I began to think about the content for this article, there were tons of things running in my mind. As you may know, the “purpose of life” is a huge topic. Nobody—doesn’t matter how many doctorates a person has or even if she may be a saint—can ever explain the purpose of life accurately, let alone me.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration even if I said that I was lost in the endless ocean of thoughts just by thinking of the word “purpose.” My mind was overwhelmed by all these deluges of philosophies from self-help books; those I heard from teachers, family, and friends; and random lines from motivational videos. So, I decided to pause for a brief moment.

In those few minutes, I realized the fact as to how silly it’d be to write the same stuffs people have been writing about for centuries.

(I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t read any books that explicitly explain about purpose, similar to the ways I see things that I say all philosophies sound kind of same. Or, if it’s because writers and philosophers don’t want to sound pessimistic to their target audience by saying what they genuinely felt.)

On an equal note, I also thought why shouldn’t I write about how actually I see things—even if it might sound odd to some of you.

Hence, recording my arbitrary thoughts in this article.

Stuck in the Endless Loop

To begin with, the fact that one day all of us will die freaks me out. Almost every one of us would have that thought.

I mean, just look at the world around you. All the people you see, the nature, the stars, the cars, buildings, inventions you enjoy, and the dress that you wear, everything remains the same with and without your existence.

There won’t be any freaking difference in anything.

The world doesn’t even flinch for a moment to pause and notice you, when you are gone—except for the ones that truly love you. The people that keep walking in the busy city road would keep walking; the fan in your room keeps rotating; your home just stays where it is; movies in the cinema theatres would keep running; and your neighbor’s six-year-old son would still watch Cartoon Network daily.

What I mean to say from these random examples is that your consciousness, the consciousness that is reading this article right now, will no longer be there once you die. And, the saddest part is that it wouldn’t get a chance in this world (or in any metauniverse) ever again. I repeat it again: Your consciousness has only one turn in this earth and once it’s gone, it’s gone. There will be nothing from then on.

The way you feel about things, love your loved ones, eat that bowl of fruits, ride that bike, become scared of heights, and all the other things that you did with your consciousness can never be recreated again in this universe. Your chance will be over.

It’s literally like a blockchain. The unique ‘You’ who was born and lived a unique life will be saved in the records of the world. That one-of-a-kind record of yours would never match with any person’s record before or after your existence—even in billions or trillions of probabilities.

A person named (add your name here) lived in this wonderful earth, made memories, experienced so and so feelings, contributed so and so to this earth, and bid good bye.

Doesn’t it feel depressing to realize this reality?

We wouldn’t be able to see our parents again, can’t go out to eat with our friends anymore, or play with our children.

Oops! Time’s Out!

Coming to the sensitivity of our bodies, as you know, they are vulnerable to water, fire, heights, diseases, bacteria, virus, and a multitude of other things.

(I understand how disturbed I’m making you feel by being so pessimistic. But as I mentioned in the disclaimer, it’s just the freaking reality of things.)

On top of that, we never know if we would be alive the very next second. Nobody can guarantee it. No matter what.

Anything might happen, and you could be gone forever.

For example, we would have seen many road accidents videos on how a mistake of a careless car driver resulted in killing of an innocent passerby.

Similarly, there are many incidents that show us each and every single day that life is very uncertain. I have even heard of incidents like a bike rider who got killed after a gravel from the lorry’s tires on the road flicked while moving and hit him on his head forcefully.

Whenever I hear people telling that they are going to study for a five-year course, or have a ten-year plan or something on those lines, I laugh inside. I’d think how silly of people to even think (and be certain) that they’ll be alive until then to see it happen. Of course, not everybody dies, I just wonder how confident people are about their existence in the future.

And believe me, what makes me laugh even more is when I see people refusing to talk to each other after spats—and some even don’t talk to their loved ones for years because of some misunderstandings.

Come on guys, for God’s sake, please! Don’t do this to yourself and to your loved ones. Just grab the phone and talk. Or, if possible, meet them. Drive to their home, college, workplace, or whatever the heck, just tell them how you feel. It doesn’t matter if they respond to you or not. That is secondary.

But don’t let your ego guide you and assume that they wouldn’t talk when you approach them. What if even they are thinking the same? What if they want to talk to you desperately?

Vanity is All We Have Got, Bro

On an equal note, wars, terrorism, hatred over a certain community or race, everything is such a great way to waste our precious time on this earth.

Whenever I hear news about bombing strikes in Syria, or terrorist attacks or hatred between country leaders that risk war, I’ll always be reminded of one question: How long are you going to be alive and what these things are for?

I think people that involve in these terrorism, and inhumane activities believe that they are going to live in this world for eternity.

Dude, you will die soon. Remember that.

So, in this very short span of your life, the best thing we could do is to make memories with our loved ones. Live, laugh and love more. Enjoy the things that life has bestowed upon us. (I am saying this line as a general note; not mentioning that line to terrorists. Because, some people don’t change even if God were to come down to earth and try to talk them out of hatred.)

While my definition of purpose and perspective towards life may be a little too gloomy, I am happy that I was, at least, open about it. It wouldn’t be of a great surprise to me even if someone reading this article thinks that I suffer from a mental disorder.

That said, just try to ignore the disturbing pieces in this article and think about the other stuffs written in it for a few minutes. I believe, there might be a take away for you that could add value to your life.

Not only in my life, but in everybody’s life there will definitely be a valuable lesson that others could apply to make thier lives better.

Please do let me know your thoughts in the comments.

4 responses to “Different Shades of Life”

  1. Raghavan Venkatakrishnan Avatar

    Author has used the "BIG NO" just to pull down the expectations but inherently it wasn't a "Impromptu" one rather it's well-planned release to showcase the mature thoughts to the society of negativity thereby in the later part destroyed all such & poured Love, Laugh, Live unconditionally. Grab their phone & talk – can anyone do it as simple as this?

  2. Akash Chinnaiah Avatar

    Thank you so much bro! I am glad that you liked it. Means a lot to me!<3

  3. thetonksandmargo Avatar

    How can you write thisss well?!
    You are so good at what you do!

  4. Akash Chinnaiah Avatar

    Thanks a ton!! It means soso much to me!