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  • Over a century ago, a British archeologist named Howard Carter began excavations in the unforgiving Egyptian Desert with the hopes of discovering something; something that remained a mystery for many centuries: the 3400-year-old tomb of an ancient king, Tutankhamun. The site Carter chose for this excavation project was the Valley of the Kings, which was the burial […]

  • A few months back, I was waiting at the RTO for my Driver’s License when someone sitting next to me struck up a conversation. He told me he was the secretary of a big cosmetic company. And that his work allowed him to travel to many countries. Out of curiosity, I asked him about his […]

  • I have been lifting weights for more than 9 years now, but consistently only from 2022. Before that, I used to train ecstatically for some three to four months and then completely abandon the gym. Something or the other would happen and I’d go off-track. What appeared to be a few days of gap would […]