(“Singularity” refers to a point in future where the capacity of artificial intelligence surpasses the human intelligence)

When scientists and tech leaders warn us about Singularity, they don’t mean that AI will multiply in its capacity and strength and overpower our natural intelligence.

Sure, AI will become powerful, but do you think it can outsmart the ones who created it?

No. Never. Not at all.

Then why do scientists even warn us?

Well, here’s the thing. Our reliance on technology will dwindle our intelligence, and as a result, AI will become supreme.

Let me put things in perspective.

Has it ever occured to you that most of us use google for even simple math calculations these days? I mean, not even tough calculations. Easy calculations that wouldn’t take less than five seconds if we did it ourselves.

Every time we google such easy answers instead of taking the time to think, aren’t we refraining from using our intelligence?

And not only Google. Be it the autocorrection feature that frees us from memorizing some spellings, or sharing phone numbers and address locations over mobile, which we previously used to memorize, all these advantages in someways are gradually pushing our brains to a state of dormancy.

But what really worries scientists the most is the way how Law of Evolution works: anything that isn’t used fades overtime.

So is our intelligence.

And that’s why they warn us on Singularity.

In a world that talks about googling as a critical skill, it’s also imperative that we be mindful of how and how often we are using google and other technologies.