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  • In 2001, an Australian Tv crew flew to Papua New Guinea to cover the story of an unusual tribe called Korowai.  Korowai was infamous for practising cannabilism. Whenever there was a death in the tribe, they believed it was because of someone’s black magic. So the clan leaders, upon deciding who the sorcerer was, brutally […]

  • Take any “avoid these five things to become a millionaire in your 20s” post on Instagram and you will see the point “wasting time watching movies and TV shows” listed on top. Ask any productivity influencer or hustler why they don’t watch movies, and they will all scream at the top of their lungs the same thing: “Invest […]

  • Participation certificates have been around for well over a century now. For years, nobody complained anything about them. But in the 00s, when Institutions, organisations, and events began to issue more participation certificates, it seemed strange to many. With time, things went even further: giving trophies and medals for participation. Many considered these rewards normal. […]

  • Becoming successful at a young age is a desire almost every human on this planet would have. After all, who would want to enjoy life only in their 50’s and 60’s, after all the fresh youthful days are gone? That, of course, is a valid point there, isn’t it? But, in recent decades, the desire […]

  • How Robots Will Become Smarter Than Us

    (“Singularity” refers to a point in future where the capacity of artificial intelligence surpasses the human intelligence) When scientists and tech leaders warn us about Singularity, they don’t mean that AI will multiply in its capacity and strength and overpower our natural intelligence. Sure, AI will become powerful, but do you think it can outsmart […]

  • Have you ever wondered how some people happen to become instantly friends with people wherever they go while others are not? Be it at a party, wedding, house warming ceremony, business convention, or whatever social gathering, making friends for these people seems to be so easy that it often puzzles most of us. Just imagine […]

  • Making fun of a person’s skin color, height, facial features, weight, and hair, among many others, has become very normal in our society these days. In fact, to make humors as such mainstream, we have gone a step further to give it many honorary names and titles—some even include it in dark comedy. Not realizing […]

  • When Andrew Weinreich first founded Six Degrees—the first social media platform in the world—in 1997, little did he or anyone around him know that Social media would snowball and become what it is today. Though Andrew’s Six Degrees happened to garner a whopping 3.5 million users, it was forced to shut down in 2000 because […]

  • Imagine this: You wake up on a lazy Sunday morning and grab your phone to check Instagram messages. As you unlock your phone and swipe through the apps, you find out that the Instagram app has been uninstalled from your device. Despite knowing the fact that it isn’t you who uninstalled it, you somehow convince […]