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  • This is a Top Curve Monthly newsletter from March, 2022. Every month, I send out different ideas I ponder about that I believe can give you new perspective towards life. Subscribe to the Newsletter here. Table of Contents After completing high school, I thought I should read self-help books to upgrade my life. So I started reading […]

  • Writing online was one of my scariest nightmares. Despite being someone who can write decent sentences with manageable grammar, the idea of putting my thoughts on the internet haunted me for quite some time. It wasn’t merely because of the fact that someone would point out my grammar or punctuation errors or question my poor […]

  • Procrastination is something most of us struggle with. Oftentimes, we postpone things despite knowing the fact that it would put us in a difficult situation in the future. Yet, with each passing day, procrastination only seems to gain momentum. Hence, leaving us powerless over it. You know that you could do more if it wasn’t […]

  • When Louise Hay published her book, “You Can Heal Your Life,” in 1984, little did she know that she would go on to become one of the best-selling non-fiction authors of all time. Her book became such a worldwide sensation that it has sold over 50 million copies, and translated in more than 25 languages […]

  • Have you ever wondered how some people happen to become instantly friends with people wherever they go while others are not? Be it at a party, wedding, house warming ceremony, business convention, or whatever social gathering, making friends for these people seems to be so easy that it often puzzles most of us. Just imagine […]

  • “Being an entrepreneur is like skydiving every day,” someone once quoted. As that quote goes, entrepreneurship can be a very adventurous journey with many uncertainties, and drama. In fact, the most thrilling aspect of entrepreneurship is that no one can accurately predict whether a product or service would be a phenomenal hit or utter failure. […]